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Raven Mavens perched atop lights
give luminous gems of wisdom and truth
They look down
not down to us
as we are up
down to see potential
We become those Mavens
whom no one knocks to ground
We stay firm in growth
moving to the highest crowned thrown
and rule what is ours
Raven Mavens
cobblestone will not crack under pressure
of those who walk righteous paths
lasting stone to hold under feet
mighty walks on fire and ice
Pick gems from your crown to place in hand of ones who tread behind
We rule this kingdom high atop ruins that may crumble beneath our feet.
Raven Mavens perched atop lights



First trip

First trip to real

to realize there’s no end to this life of reason

First trip to a space

a place of unordinary.



Push to new future.

Focussssss…mind creeping to

Dont’ let it in.

She’s not there

She’s not coming back


Waiting for her

as she waited for you.

Missed chances

Slow advances

Too slow to catch before the break in fall

“I’m not coming back.

I must find me.

I find me and find

I find the love I need to be

the you

the you I never knew.

I never knew

I never knew the you needed for growth of us.

What you choose to lose

is the me you thought you knew.

This pain comes from emotion.

It’s emotion

guiding choice to loss

I choose to lose

the place I know

I knew the you with me

I can’t see

I must find me

I find me and find

I find the love I need to be

the you

the you I never knew.

The Believer


The dreamers are the ones

every breath

gives in to the next

The lovers are the ones

touch takes them high

The doers are the ones

stacking quickly

foundations for the journey

The believers are the ones

finding solace in unknowing

In you

I find

the belief to have solace

In you

I find


creates the strong ground to stand

In you

I find

the love to walk the sky

In you

I find

my dream to breathe in

your dreams

releasing the will

to fear


I can’t imagine the heartache that can come with losing a child. I refuse to imagine it. My son is everything to me, and protecting him is a natural force and all consuming. In the midst of the bullying my own son has previously experienced, the love, support, and tolerance stands out. He is indeed blessed to have grown into a confident young man, despite what he’s been through, or what he will go through. At the end of the day, all I can do is pray. All I can do is release him to fight his own fight . I wish with all my heart that the parents of Ronin Shimizu can put the pieces of their heart back together and keep fighting for all young people like him.

I’m raising a gay young black man. Our young men are dying everyday at the hands of others…for nothing. I have no choice but to lift him up and teach him to have self love first and foremost. What comes after? Can I trust when he walks out the door, he’s going to be protected? By his peers? Our neighbors? The police? I don’t know and I’m not sure I do.  So with that, we all have to choices to make. Choices that make changes, whether good or bad. I choose to love. To love my son as deep as I can go, then go further than that. I choose to love my neighbors, peers, and all that do their best to protect us all. I will continue to find my voice to fight for equal rights, as well as equal protection. My choices effect the choices of my son, I hope in that he creates his own strong voice and instead of left, he chooses right. The right to be whomever he chooses, love whomever he wishes, and stays true in all the twists and turns of his journey.

Rest peacefully young Ronin. In your short life and a long list of others, we can all learn something from the unfortunate choice they made. And never forget.

In the wake of Ronin Shimizu, who took his life after years of bullying, I’m posting an entry I wrote on my tumblr after my own son came out to me at 12yrs old. We received so much positive feedback from just this post alone. I’d like to think my son’s confidence came from him knowing there were so many people that love in spite of all the negative in our world. In re-posting this entry, I hope it helps someone, anyone, that feels they are not loved or supported. We’re here and all around you, never give up and seek help anywhere you can.

me and him

“My 12yr old son came out to me on Tuesday night.

The look of fear, pride, and relief in his eyes was something I can’t explain.

I love this little boy.

I’ve looked up to him since the day he could dance and sing across my living room.

Or the day he asked for his first BRATZ doll and an XBOX 360 at the same time.

And the day he told me “This is who I am and I don’t care what anyone thinks….as long as you love me.”

I love this little boy.

He always knew who he was..and I did too.

I waited.

It’s funny the relief I felt by just hearing it come out of his mouth.

It’s scary the fear I feel for the friends and family we will lose.

I’m proud to be this boy’s mother and respect his strength and confidence for that will be what gets him through these growing years.

PEACE, LOVE and BLESSINGS new friends…for this is all we have in life.” ~candylocs, Feb 2010

Who’s teaching whom?

I was never very confident growing up
The talents I possessed would often go unnoticed by others,
me giving only what I felt was enough for me to be fulfilled.
As my son grows
I notice the confidence and strengths I’ve lacked have all been instilled in him.
His talents are vast,
fear is little to none when expressing himself.
No ill words can keep him from living his way.
When did I become the student in our union?
There’s a real fire in watching him create his own path,
pushing me to work through my own fear of failure,
victoriously reaching the top of my mountain.
So I ask all of you,
Who’s teaching whom?
When did you become the student in your own life of giving the lesson?
We all seek the highest form of success.
Who says we’re not already there?
Success is peace of mind,
reach your top with whatever peace you find.


To all the mothers who father their sons
We will never know struggles as men
Finding care to love with emotion
pushing hard for tough choices
We must choose our battles wisely
this is all we can do

To all the mothers who father their sons
A strong arm and loving embrace
can never compare to the connection of man
Create a home for refuge and peace
for young men to grow as their own
Do not hinder their strength
but nurture their hearts.

To all the mothers who father their sons
create the light that was taken
taken from men who lost their way
Teach them how to find theirs
Find their way to their light.

To all the mothers who father their sons.
Our love will be stronger
than the bond they never knew.