Fire Flies

fireflies                               Photocredit:

Fire flies to spaces in time

reaching places of love with depth in mine

The heart fills with joy as we reach this time

Lonely no more

we become one

infinite spaces we find


What it’s worth

What’s it worth to me

life on my terms 
To shape self
 into one of the loved
See the sun in the eyes of the one
Who sees same in me
Mistakes to be had
to conquer 
Know I am enough
to me
I see
the sun inside
projecting lessons of love 
I take flight to a place
that changes in time 
It will define 
all that hinders me 
to be 
me or we
What’s it worth to you
to make do
or follow your own light
Achieve an us 
that is wanted mutually 
This breath is everything needed 
to become what is worth it all

Full Circle

I’ve written and ripped pages of words
digging up worthless meaning to this end we face
The end
too final for me to form
to give it life
Seemingly incomplete
Leaps and bounds were taken in haste
no slowing to think of cause and effect from one to another
I won’t bother you with my shoulds and coulds
but I will
paint the good to make it real
the reds yellows and blues
will fill your heart to blind your mind
of tainted thoughts and untruths you find
Words of love
give peace to the raging war in mind
No malice can come from love that has grown
real and deep
Weep of tears and regret
melting away unthoughtful action
Away I’ll sweep the lows of your life
To come full circle to a new beginning
there will be no end
only a new start.


I thought myself different
A young age
I felt special
Over time my inner light
The workings of life
Raising another being
I find myself thinking
I’m not
an average person
who dreams
as everyone else
Put to side
to provide
The age of exceptional
I wrote before
quick fame writers
Built audience
with internet
My words bled on
yellowing paper
from days in shade
Closed notebooks
collected like
small figurines on shelves
special in my mind
I find no time
to reach
all eyes and ears
to inspire
Is it enough to remain
a blessing in mine?
falling on deaf ears
Hearts not beating
or needing
my thoughts to stay
connected or relevant
in this way.
I don’t know
If I’ll ever stay