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The Shore

She couldn’t decide. She couldn’t decide if it was too much. Stopping was not an option, yet the current steadily took her down. Down in her journey ways she could not swim. She chose to float with the current, giving her little momentum, if any at all. Her head going under at times, only to burst through the top to see she made no progress to shore, or had she?
If only. If only she could learn the patient, steady pace of the long stroke. She pauses to take breath, looking around to notice branches, rocks, and smaller streams veering away to knock her off course. In those moments she realized these were not in her way, but there for her to grasp on to, or perhaps float a stream leading down another path, to slow, enjoy the view, giving her time to learn that steady stroke needed to get to shore. At last….


The Believer


The dreamers are the ones

every breath

gives in to the next

The lovers are the ones

touch takes them high

The doers are the ones

stacking quickly

foundations for the journey

The believers are the ones

finding solace in unknowing

In you

I find

the belief to have solace

In you

I find


creates the strong ground to stand

In you

I find

the love to walk the sky

In you

I find

my dream to breathe in

your dreams

releasing the will

to fear