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Visual Writes: Street Art Series, 003


Photo: candylocs- 2016, Detroit, MI


I knew this girl
She said
she said she didn’t care for music much
I paused
I paused the beat in my head that kept my nod on point
point of the needle
spinnin vinyl
How could you not?
How could you not let music take you
sweep you away to ok
an ok that makes struggle a wonder
one hit wonder
I wonder what it’s like in silence
the silence of life and times
I’ll find the need to go blind
before my mind loses all notes
They gather to melody that repeats it’s poetry
again and again
She said
she said she couldn’t concentrate
with lyrics buzzin as flies do
sweeping them away with bothered fingers and flicks of wrist
she insists
insists that all those words are made to distract
a distraction she has no time for
I sweep my fingers and flick my wrist
sweep away her words
her flies
An approaching drum swells
voices hum wells
The song is back
I nod to the beat in my head
keeping the needle on point
spinnin vinyl.


Selfish Aritistry

“It’s the twisting of the knife that matters most, that’s what gets them…the twist of the knife.
But please, please fill your desperate thirst for the dream with no consideration of ones around you. It is, in all, about you and nothing else.
Oh! To be a true artist; opportune blessings indeed!
To lose mind and self for artistry is a true gift of human genius and indulgence. Continue on this path of discovery and see where the light takes you.
The cold of an impenetrable wall or vast sky of creativity? We shall not know until we try.”

The Shore

She couldn’t decide. She couldn’t decide if it was too much. Stopping was not an option, yet the current steadily took her down. Down in her journey ways she could not swim. She chose to float with the current, giving her little momentum, if any at all. Her head going under at times, only to burst through the top to see she made no progress to shore, or had she?
If only. If only she could learn the patient, steady pace of the long stroke. She pauses to take breath, looking around to notice branches, rocks, and smaller streams veering away to knock her off course. In those moments she realized these were not in her way, but there for her to grasp on to, or perhaps float a stream leading down another path, to slow, enjoy the view, giving her time to learn that steady stroke needed to get to shore. At last….

Constructive Turns

photo (3)

It’s rare that I post something when it’s not fun or a good experience. I’m not having a good day. I’m going to sit in this feeling for a while until it passes. That’s where growth happens, right? Or maybe inspiration for another blog post. Moments of clarity sometimes come from a place of uncertainty. Things happen in our lives that expose what we choose to ignore. I’ve made a habit of turning the other cheek for a more pleasant change of scenery. Growth happens here. As much as I try to let things pass, the more I realize that it will not go away until it is addressed. This is in all aspects of life: Love, family, work, passion, career, responsibility, etc..

I can’t control everything, this I know. So in knowing this, I’m going to sit in this feeling. Drink my green juice and read some. I’m going to take a minute to close my eyes and meditate on what I can control, which is how I feel. I’m grateful for this day. I’m grateful for family and friends, whatever happens after that will come regardless of how I feel. So cheers guys! Cheers to life, blogging and getting your mind right when it’s dark in your world, and finding inspiration when you feel it’s lost. I feel better already.

Who’s teaching whom?

I was never very confident growing up
The talents I possessed would often go unnoticed by others,
me giving only what I felt was enough for me to be fulfilled.
As my son grows
I notice the confidence and strengths I’ve lacked have all been instilled in him.
His talents are vast,
fear is little to none when expressing himself.
No ill words can keep him from living his way.
When did I become the student in our union?
There’s a real fire in watching him create his own path,
pushing me to work through my own fear of failure,
victoriously reaching the top of my mountain.
So I ask all of you,
Who’s teaching whom?
When did you become the student in your own life of giving the lesson?
We all seek the highest form of success.
Who says we’re not already there?
Success is peace of mind,
reach your top with whatever peace you find.

Who I am and Why I’m Here

Hello, my name is Candice and I’m a writer. It took me a long time to say that out loud and to myself now that I think about it. I always felt that since I wasn’t doing it full time or had not gotten paid for my writing, that I couldn’t classify myself as such. Well we all know that ain’t true!

My first thought was to make 2 different spaces. One for my writing and one for my life, I’m trying to figure out how to merge the two. I have many talented and creative people in my life and would love to showcase their work on my blog as well. I would love to do some freelance work, and create a magazine space for single parents in the future, this is the first step. I also want to be a part of a community of people that I would never have met otherwise, who share the same passions for life and writing as I do! This is the place and I’m glad I’m here, let’s do thiiiiiiis.