Spring cleaning of the mind….for now…

Spring brings new life, right? Many start this process during the holidays or beginnings of the year and all that. The warmth thaws my thoughts. Spring cleaning of the mind, if you will.


So here are some current thoughts, in no particular order:


~Babies! So many pregnant women around me! It’s nice to see so many glowing faces. What’s greater than that?? ……my glowing face comes from my oil cleanse and not being with child. Haha!

~I really need to discipline myself more. This includes mostly everything in my life at the moment. I’m a list maker! I am! My lists have lists of the lists that I need to make! So I suppose follow through is…..

~My son moves back with me at the end of May! I’m over the moon and nervous at the same time. I will need to write an entire post on this subject, advice will be needed…more on that later…

~I would really like to start my garden this season. Before moving to the city from California, I wrote a list of some of the things I wanted in my rental, a garden was one of them and I got it, along with everything else on my list;) Shall I write a post on Law of Attraction?? My mind goes elsewhere when I think about all the great veggies I will grow in this garden. Broccoli! Tomatoes! Carrots! Kale! Sheesh! I have a knack for gardening in my mind that’s dying to be put to use! Maybe one day….soon..





Who I am and Why I’m Here

Hello, my name is Candice and I’m a writer. It took me a long time to say that out loud and to myself now that I think about it. I always felt that since I wasn’t doing it full time or had not gotten paid for my writing, that I couldn’t classify myself as such. Well we all know that ain’t true!

My first thought was to make 2 different spaces. One for my writing and one for my life, I’m trying to figure out how to merge the two. I have many talented and creative people in my life and would love to showcase their work on my blog as well. I would love to do some freelance work, and create a magazine space for single parents in the future, this is the first step. I also want to be a part of a community of people that I would never have met otherwise, who share the same passions for life and writing as I do! This is the place and I’m glad I’m here, let’s do thiiiiiiis.

No Time Like the Present


Many a night I’ve punished myself for not reaching the self inflicted deadline I create. I’ve imagined coming home from a 9 or 10 hour day, sitting at my table with a nice tumbler of whiskey in hand and letting the words go! Oh! The stories I’ve thought of in my mind! An endless pool of ideas to fall into, coming to surface small bubbles of…….nothing. There was a long period of time when I had forgotten my love for writing, sweeping it under the rug like unwanted dust, too lazy to address. It piled up of course, I itched to let it out and share my words with others. I was a huge hoarder of my writing for so long that I got used to living amongst the ideas, the piles, the mountains of things in my own mind, at times suffocating me senseless, in turn making for a not so pretty rant of emotion, unbeknownst to whomever was on the receiving end.

My 15 year old son was a big influence of me starting this blog. I’m grateful to that young man for creating his own space in this life. I push him to share himself with the world, why was I hiding? The critical fear can be paralyzing. So I tread softly, until my steps become strong and unwavering. I’m getting used to giving myself deadlines or yet…just letting it come as it may. There are times when I walk by my laptop not meaning to write but sit down anyway, and create something beautiful out of nothing. That’s when I come alive. In those moments the truth is apparent, so raw and real, words flow without pressure. I revel in those moments. Wasted days or wasted nights? There aren’t any. The time you take to sit, run, jump or play towards what matters most to you is never time wasted. What a way to live.

Purpose Served

Everyone serves a purpose in our lives

this is common


We take for granted the seasons that come

and go

Making light of life and its short span

Let us not forget changes

embrace these threads that weave

stories of light and love

sadness and disappointment

Accept what is true

You will find

what means the most

Your worth and time has been

the key to your design.

She was wondering when he’d call. After weeks of slow build conversation, she couldn’t figure out how she felt about their growing story. She starts to recall how nervous she was at first meeting, knowing she shouldn’t meet at a stranger’s house the first time, the curiosity outweighed her rational mind. The calm walking in his door never went away as they spent that night talking. To her delight, he didn’t mind sitting and letting the moment spin itself silent in between sips of wine.

After that night, the story grew rapidly but in a way that didn’t feel pressed. She became grateful to him, for giving her patience in the unknown and taking away the heavy of new. He worked his way into her routine, slowly becoming a regular face she looked forward to seeing. She wasn’t sure how or where this story was leading but her ever evolving awareness made it easy to go with the currents. He challenged her with questions, made her think more deeply in a way she hadn’t in a while. Thoughts of others trailed in and out of mind, not sticking long enough to make an impact on the friendship created with him. She let them; let those thoughts take over until they disappeared.

Then he called.