The Wanted

I find it difficult to show who I am in lieu of knowing the small
yet significant
details of your past.
I find myself wanting to take advantage of knowing how you
cannot say no
using this to comfort my own isolated thought or feeling.
Showing a vulnerability constitutes an opinion on your part
I’m not sure I warrant.
impulsive woman by nature
doing what I feel at any given moment is more satisfying
than possible outcomes at times.
And so again I say
I miss you
Without regret or hope that you
in turn
feel the same.
I’d rather breathe freely my words than suffocate on them.
I hope you feel the freedom you crave so deep
know that in your relief
someone is craving you


Constructive Turns

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It’s rare that I post something when it’s not fun or a good experience. I’m not having a good day. I’m going to sit in this feeling for a while until it passes. That’s where growth happens, right? Or maybe inspiration for another blog post. Moments of clarity sometimes come from a place of uncertainty. Things happen in our lives that expose what we choose to ignore. I’ve made a habit of turning the other cheek for a more pleasant change of scenery. Growth happens here. As much as I try to let things pass, the more I realize that it will not go away until it is addressed. This is in all aspects of life: Love, family, work, passion, career, responsibility, etc..

I can’t control everything, this I know. So in knowing this, I’m going to sit in this feeling. Drink my green juice and read some. I’m going to take a minute to close my eyes and meditate on what I can control, which is how I feel. I’m grateful for this day. I’m grateful for family and friends, whatever happens after that will come regardless of how I feel. So cheers guys! Cheers to life, blogging and getting your mind right when it’s dark in your world, and finding inspiration when you feel it’s lost. I feel better already.