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First trip

First trip to real

to realize there’s no end to this life of reason

First trip to a space

a place of unordinary.



Push to new future.

Focussssss…mind creeping to

Dont’ let it in.

She’s not there

She’s not coming back


Waiting for her

as she waited for you.

Missed chances

Slow advances

Too slow to catch before the break in fall

“I’m not coming back.

I must find me.

I find me and find

I find the love I need to be

the you

the you I never knew.

I never knew

I never knew the you needed for growth of us.

What you choose to lose

is the me you thought you knew.

This pain comes from emotion.

It’s emotion

guiding choice to loss

I choose to lose

the place I know

I knew the you with me

I can’t see

I must find me

I find me and find

I find the love I need to be

the you

the you I never knew.


Purpose Served

Everyone serves a purpose in our lives

this is common


We take for granted the seasons that come

and go

Making light of life and its short span

Let us not forget changes

embrace these threads that weave

stories of light and love

sadness and disappointment

Accept what is true

You will find

what means the most

Your worth and time has been

the key to your design.

She was wondering when he’d call. After weeks of slow build conversation, she couldn’t figure out how she felt about their growing story. She starts to recall how nervous she was at first meeting, knowing she shouldn’t meet at a stranger’s house the first time, the curiosity outweighed her rational mind. The calm walking in his door never went away as they spent that night talking. To her delight, he didn’t mind sitting and letting the moment spin itself silent in between sips of wine.

After that night, the story grew rapidly but in a way that didn’t feel pressed. She became grateful to him, for giving her patience in the unknown and taking away the heavy of new. He worked his way into her routine, slowly becoming a regular face she looked forward to seeing. She wasn’t sure how or where this story was leading but her ever evolving awareness made it easy to go with the currents. He challenged her with questions, made her think more deeply in a way she hadn’t in a while. Thoughts of others trailed in and out of mind, not sticking long enough to make an impact on the friendship created with him. She let them; let those thoughts take over until they disappeared.

Then he called.

Are you?

Coming or going
the slow burn of unknowing
Slack cares to lackluster emotion
Faith fades in time
Who’s right to stay?
In the moment of contentment
can mean life of light
and depth of love
To pull apart the heart
leaving space for hope
for the good of self
The freedom to keep
your pieces as one
Makes for strong choices
Are you
coming or going?