Who’s teaching whom?

I was never very confident growing up
The talents I possessed would often go unnoticed by others,
me giving only what I felt was enough for me to be fulfilled.
As my son grows
I notice the confidence and strengths I’ve lacked have all been instilled in him.
His talents are vast,
fear is little to none when expressing himself.
No ill words can keep him from living his way.
When did I become the student in our union?
There’s a real fire in watching him create his own path,
pushing me to work through my own fear of failure,
victoriously reaching the top of my mountain.
So I ask all of you,
Who’s teaching whom?
When did you become the student in your own life of giving the lesson?
We all seek the highest form of success.
Who says we’re not already there?
Success is peace of mind,
reach your top with whatever peace you find.


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