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We have wings
we’ve wasted time
Time unused for building one
up to heights
Taking flight to score the clouds
of our wildest dreams
Grasping that light that comes with flight
As my wings begin to waiver
you pull me close to your chest
let my head rest
As I tire
up we go
into our dreams
If your wings
get weak we take my left with your right
keep the air tight
and keep flight
We can make this flight
see through those lightning dreams
The loudest and most electric
won’t keep us from flight
We have wings.


Visual Writes: Street Art Series, 003


Photo: candylocs- 2016, Detroit, MI


I knew this girl
She said
she said she didn’t care for music much
I paused
I paused the beat in my head that kept my nod on point
point of the needle
spinnin vinyl
How could you not?
How could you not let music take you
sweep you away to ok
an ok that makes struggle a wonder
one hit wonder
I wonder what it’s like in silence
the silence of life and times
I’ll find the need to go blind
before my mind loses all notes
They gather to melody that repeats it’s poetry
again and again
She said
she said she couldn’t concentrate
with lyrics buzzin as flies do
sweeping them away with bothered fingers and flicks of wrist
she insists
insists that all those words are made to distract
a distraction she has no time for
I sweep my fingers and flick my wrist
sweep away her words
her flies
An approaching drum swells
voices hum wells
The song is back
I nod to the beat in my head
keeping the needle on point
spinnin vinyl.

To Dream

“It’s the twisting of the knife that matters most, that’s what gets them…the twist of the knife. But please, please fulfill your desperate thirst for the dream with no consideration of ones around you because it is, in all, about you and nothing else. Oh! To be a true artist; opportunity blessings indeed! To lose mind and self for artistry is the true gift of human genius and indulgence! Continue on this path of discovery and see where the light takes you. The cold of the impenetrable wall or vast creativity? We shall not know until we try.” 

Full Circle

I’ve written and ripped pages of words
digging up worthless meaning to this end we face
The end
too final for me to form
to give it life
Seemingly incomplete
Leaps and bounds were taken in haste
no slowing to think of cause and effect from one to another
I won’t bother you with my shoulds and coulds
but I will
paint the good to make it real
the reds yellows and blues
will fill your heart to blind your mind
of tainted thoughts and untruths you find
Words of love
give peace to the raging war in mind
No malice can come from love that has grown
real and deep
Weep of tears and regret
melting away unthoughtful action
Away I’ll sweep the lows of your life
To come full circle to a new beginning
there will be no end
only a new start.


“Who do people open up to, if not on paper?”

I don’t think there’s anyone in my world

ready to hear my thoughts.


I want a response that I can’t get from pages.

Shock reaction.

It’s the crazy, I think.

I knew that some would be affected.

I’ve been told my words can be knife like.

I choose my words carefully.

So the knives they feel are intentional.

I’ve been told my words are life like,


These are my intentions as well.

I take joy in knowing I have a way with words.

In my mind, anyway..

I’m changing everyone’s life.