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The Painter

All Black everything.
He didn’t want color in his world
He didn’t want to see
The beauty
of the Yellow sun
Red leaves
Blue water from the ocean

All Black everything.
His mind turned Black
Like the black bag that holds the bottle
Nobody can see what’s inside
But they all know
What he’s carrying

All Black everything
His world turned Black
He couldn’t find his way
Through the darkness created
By the black bag
We all knew he carried

Walking through a sea of color and light
Not realizing
His Blues are his own color of Red.
His love was the color Purple
The hues of the blues
in clouds
that she was carried on
to him and his world of Black.

Now he sees
The trees
honey on the wings of bees
He sees
The white
dust that flows through the light
Painting his world
the colors he creates.