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Visual Writes: Street Art Series, 003


Photo: candylocs- 2016, Detroit, MI


I knew this girl
She said
she said she didn’t care for music much
I paused
I paused the beat in my head that kept my nod on point
point of the needle
spinnin vinyl
How could you not?
How could you not let music take you
sweep you away to ok
an ok that makes struggle a wonder
one hit wonder
I wonder what it’s like in silence
the silence of life and times
I’ll find the need to go blind
before my mind loses all notes
They gather to melody that repeats it’s poetry
again and again
She said
she said she couldn’t concentrate
with lyrics buzzin as flies do
sweeping them away with bothered fingers and flicks of wrist
she insists
insists that all those words are made to distract
a distraction she has no time for
I sweep my fingers and flick my wrist
sweep away her words
her flies
An approaching drum swells
voices hum wells
The song is back
I nod to the beat in my head
keeping the needle on point
spinnin vinyl.


“There You Go Telling Me No Again.” -New Jack City Soundtrack, 1991


Sweaty palms

nervous feet

darting eyes over the crowd

My heart falls as my friend gets grabbed to the dance floor

I’m alone in my own embarrassed stance

A small part in the crowd

Is this look for me?

Turning my head

cool look of nonchalance

slight touch on the arm

he’s standing there

no words

just a hand

lightly touching my sweaty palm

we stay in that spot

the sway of music and a two step

I can still remember the barely there feeling

just enough to stay with me

hands on skinny waste

nervous looks to friends near by

the lifetime of 3 minutes fades into nothing I want to hear

Not enough time to relish in the moment

and he’s gone