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Selfish Aritistry

“It’s the twisting of the knife that matters most, that’s what gets them…the twist of the knife.
But please, please fill your desperate thirst for the dream with no consideration of ones around you. It is, in all, about you and nothing else.
Oh! To be a true artist; opportune blessings indeed!
To lose mind and self for artistry is a true gift of human genius and indulgence. Continue on this path of discovery and see where the light takes you.
The cold of an impenetrable wall or vast sky of creativity? We shall not know until we try.”


The Shore

She couldn’t decide. She couldn’t decide if it was too much. Stopping was not an option, yet the current steadily took her down. Down in her journey ways she could not swim. She chose to float with the current, giving her little momentum, if any at all. Her head going under at times, only to burst through the top to see she made no progress to shore, or had she?
If only. If only she could learn the patient, steady pace of the long stroke. She pauses to take breath, looking around to notice branches, rocks, and smaller streams veering away to knock her off course. In those moments she realized these were not in her way, but there for her to grasp on to, or perhaps float a stream leading down another path, to slow, enjoy the view, giving her time to learn that steady stroke needed to get to shore. At last….


She woke to the damp sweats of her body on sheets

The heat wasn’t too much for her but the confusion made her uneasy with dread

“Why?” She said aloud, turning her head to no one.

No one was there

She never wanted to be alone, or have the success of her life be defined by another.

She’d have to find her own, her own definition of success.

Making her choice always seemed to be the wrong one. The repetitive mistakes were making her tired to her core and giving up was becoming the only option

She felt

So every morning as time clicked the alarm clock to ring, her eyes were open.

Open to the new idea of changing the mistakes she made yesterday.

Are you?

Coming or going
the slow burn of unknowing
Slack cares to lackluster emotion
Faith fades in time
Who’s right to stay?
In the moment of contentment
can mean life of light
and depth of love
To pull apart the heart
leaving space for hope
for the good of self
The freedom to keep
your pieces as one
Makes for strong choices
Are you
coming or going?


We all speak of new beginnings
things to come
I look to the window to see white main snow clouds fell from skies
New beginnings
It is then and only then
I take with me the silence in those clouds
I take with me the choice to choose anew
Birth of a new year
lights, pops, stops and grandeur
This is not when my choices change
The snow
it is then and only then
I wake to the undiluted state just before the gray slush of matter clings to that one flawless state of being
We deceive our minds with the false words of what’s to come
Only to break and disappoint these hearts
In these moments we must remember
The snow