Full Circle

I’ve written and ripped pages of words
digging up worthless meaning to this end we face
The end
too final for me to form
to give it life
Seemingly incomplete
Leaps and bounds were taken in haste
no slowing to think of cause and effect from one to another
I won’t bother you with my shoulds and coulds
but I will
paint the good to make it real
the reds yellows and blues
will fill your heart to blind your mind
of tainted thoughts and untruths you find
Words of love
give peace to the raging war in mind
No malice can come from love that has grown
real and deep
Weep of tears and regret
melting away unthoughtful action
Away I’ll sweep the lows of your life
To come full circle to a new beginning
there will be no end
only a new start.


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