Spring cleaning of the mind….for now…

Spring brings new life, right? Many start this process during the holidays or beginnings of the year and all that. The warmth thaws my thoughts. Spring cleaning of the mind, if you will.


So here are some current thoughts, in no particular order:


~Babies! So many pregnant women around me! It’s nice to see so many glowing faces. What’s greater than that?? ……my glowing face comes from my oil cleanse and not being with child. Haha!

~I really need to discipline myself more. This includes mostly everything in my life at the moment. I’m a list maker! I am! My lists have lists of the lists that I need to make! So I suppose follow through is…..

~My son moves back with me at the end of May! I’m over the moon and nervous at the same time. I will need to write an entire post on this subject, advice will be needed…more on that later…

~I would really like to start my garden this season. Before moving to the city from California, I wrote a list of some of the things I wanted in my rental, a garden was one of them and I got it, along with everything else on my list;) Shall I write a post on Law of Attraction?? My mind goes elsewhere when I think about all the great veggies I will grow in this garden. Broccoli! Tomatoes! Carrots! Kale! Sheesh! I have a knack for gardening in my mind that’s dying to be put to use! Maybe one day….soon..





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