She was wondering when he’d call. After weeks of slow build conversation, she couldn’t figure out how she felt about their growing story. She starts to recall how nervous she was at first meeting, knowing she shouldn’t meet at a stranger’s house the first time, the curiosity outweighed her rational mind. The calm walking in his door never went away as they spent that night talking. To her delight, he didn’t mind sitting and letting the moment spin itself silent in between sips of wine.

After that night, the story grew rapidly but in a way that didn’t feel pressed. She became grateful to him, for giving her patience in the unknown and taking away the heavy of new. He worked his way into her routine, slowly becoming a regular face she looked forward to seeing. She wasn’t sure how or where this story was leading but her ever evolving awareness made it easy to go with the currents. He challenged her with questions, made her think more deeply in a way she hadn’t in a while. Thoughts of others trailed in and out of mind, not sticking long enough to make an impact on the friendship created with him. She let them; let those thoughts take over until they disappeared.

Then he called.


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