Walking Dead in Chicago

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Who’s not posting pictures of the snow these days? I had to do at least one. It’s not much but you get the gist of it. I can’t stress enough how much the weather affects me internally. I wake up only to find myself wishing the whole of the city will freeze to the point of a subway shutdown just so I don’t have to step foot out of my room. Yeah, it’s that bad. I’m working on my second winter here in Chicago and my first winter without a car since I was 15. Let’s not count years and just say…it’s been a VERY long time since I’ve lived without a vehicle. I have traveled a great deal in my life and seen many winters, but this one has taken a toll on me more than the ones past. The up and down of just above 10 degrees to well below zero is…well…quite frightening at times. After all, 5 degrees does make a difference. It does. I have to be grateful for the choices I’ve made in my (more than less) healthy lifestyle and not getting sick with all these crazy weather changes. My body has stayed strong and true, with only the occasional thought of possibly losing my right big toe to frost bite.

So, this post is to you walkers out there! No reference to my Walking Dead fans;)Woo! But if you’re driving in your warm car and see us “walkers” barely holding it together in our 7 layers, looking damn near dead, send us good warm thoughts from that heater blasting you in the face. And when we get home after hopping a train and you’re left digging your way out of your parking spot for an hour, we’ll try to do the same from the warmth of our living room. Stay sane my fellow city walkers, the end is coming.


2 thoughts on “Walking Dead in Chicago”

  1. Hang in there I lived without a car for years and have taken the train buses and walked miles in this horrible winter. Chicago has been lucky the past few years and the winters were fairly calm. I remember all too well my hair freezing in rings… It will get better.. inter blues is real ..reach out and call someone it helps.
    Hang in there sending warm thoughts your way .
    A fellow Chicago gal.
    come check out my blog … you might feel less blue.

    1. Thank you, sounds like you totally get it! The beauty is in the waiting, dontcha think? This spring is going to be amazing! 🙂 I’ll definitely check out your blog! Thank you for your support!

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