Letting Go

Crying is exhausting
I’ve never been much of one
a cryer
I remember why
The wave of emotion comes
Fear of not stopping
I squeeze to hold onto the pour
until it’s gone
I couldn’t control this one
letting the pain flow
I was too low
not to let go
Anger leads to regret 
next instinct
It’s the one 
I like best
Run to my peace 
It’s waiting for me on the other side of time 
My heavy feet 
has grown roots into the earth 
I must adjust
for this season
of time
mine is one to learn
I burn 
for the chance to show
that my roots are strong
For when the next one comes along 
he has the strength to hold on
As my peace grows
Slowly he will wait
take the care 
that is needed to stay 
and create the whole 
I lost in the beginning
of this cry.


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