She wanted it to seem like it was nothing. Moving in her seat, fixing her skirt to draw attention away from the tension in her face.

 “Do you understand where I’m coming from?” he asked.

She didn’t, she didn’t understand but lied anyway. Lying was the easy part. It came easy to her and she did it often. Her demeanor switched just as quickly as the tension came.

 “Yeah! This actually works better for me anyway..I don’t really have time for anything serious.”

He smiled, relieved that he didn’t have to explain himself any further. He couldn’t quite figure out his own behavior, let alone try to decipher hers. 

The conversation seemed effortless after that, like their chemistry grew from the rejection. Was that possible? They both knew it was a lie. Their bodies softened as they spoke with ease, anyone watching would think they were naturals together. 

She thought to herself how easy this was becoming, the mockery that was her life. She felt open all the time but nobody genuinely saw what was there. Maybe that was the problem. Realizing that she created this place of distaste on her own.

In that same instance he thought to himself how his commitment to no commitment was his own doing as well. He gave of himself so freely, he wasn’t sure if that was even true. Maybe that was the problem. Realizing that he created this place of distaste on his own.

They sat in silence, a chuckle from him…giggle from her. Looking up at each other with simultaneous surprise by the combined sounds,

 “Did they hear me?” 

Silence can be deafening after you realize someone else is still in your space. When the formed scenarios and random thoughts wear away and your left still sitting across from somebody that you’d rather have soon forgotten.

They sat there.

Not knowing where the end really was or if this was still possibly a beginning. 



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